Founded in 2010, Abionic is a Swiss Medtech company which has developed a revolutionary nanofluidic technology, providing healthcare professionals with a fast, simple and universal diagnostic tool –The abioSCOPE® is a portable device which is easy to use and enables HCP’s to make medical decisions faster. Abionic’s In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) platform provides lab-quality results in 5 minutes from a single drop of blood at the POC enabling precision diagnostics and the possibility of immediate treatment initiation. Other certified products already exist in Sepsis, Allergy and Iron Deficiency today allowing for exploration of other infectious diseases in the future. Abionic already has a test measuring the main respiratory allergens and total IgE approved in the US and Europe, and one used to detect iron deficiencies. The company’s vision is to have an abioSCOPE® in every single Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Emergency Room (ER) to bring the right diagnosis immediately to patients. Abionic developed its nanotechnology within the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).


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    Day 1 Workshop 3 – Transforming Point of Care Diagnostic for Healthcare Systems
    02:10PM – 02:55PM
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