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    Activtek health solutions

    Provide healthy indoor air quality with ActivePure Technology, a non-invasive, continuous air/surface disinfection solution without chemicals or toxic by-products. A Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee, ActivePure utilizes a unique blend of metals (incl. Titanium Dioxide) on a catalyst that reacts with UV to generate dry Hydrogen Peroxide which is disbursed throughout entire facilities via air circulation. Proven micro-biocidal/sporicidal activity, ActivePure explodes the shell of pathogens on contact, degrades toxic chemicals (Formaldehyde), and reduces VOC’s, carcinogens, off-gassing and odours. Over a decade of history supporting EMS, Healthcare, MCI’s, Disaster Preparedness/Response and Mortuary Services. Global product recognition. Attain LEED Certification points.

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    5805, State Bridge Rd,
    Su. G-150, Johns Creek,
    GA, 30097, USA

    Tel:        001-770-354-8948


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