Air for Life

    Air For Life UK LTD is a British Government DIT company under the Global Entrepreneur Program and Mr. Alpesh Patel as it’s deal maker. Our mission is disease prevention and improvement of indoor air quality to improve public health. We manufacture a range of ionisers and air purifiers for commercial and domestic use to prevent disease in all public and private places such as hospitals, airports, gymnasiums, offices, shopping malls, cars and homes. We have two unique ionising technologies that destroy all indoor impurities in the air and on surfaces including bacteria, dust and viruses that normal air purifiers cannot trap. Thus leaving 99.9% clean, fresh, safe air and surfaces.


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    Suite 402 Milton Keynes Business Centre,
    Hayley Court, Linford Wood East,
    Milton Keynes, MK14 6GD, UK

    Tel:  447340876195


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