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    For 160 years the Howorth name has been synonymous with providing air filtration. Since our development of the Ultra Clean Ventilation system in the 1960’s, we’ve been associated with providing controlled clean air for operating theatres.

    Sales of the Exflow UCV canopy system to our global customer base remain strong, but we now offer a broader range of complementary operating theatre equipment including operating lights, pendants and digital workflow solutions.

    Additional developments include the BioGenTM and Genano systems to provide decontamination and help infection control in critical care areas, along with Protak enzyme indicators that provide instant validation of decontamination effectiveness.

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    Victoria Works
    Nelson Street Bolton
    BL3 2DW

    Tel:     +441204571131


    Workshop Day 2 – 11.10am – 11.55am
    Clinical Environment Decontamination and Instantaneous Validation

    Next generation system that disperses VHP (vapourised hydrogen peroxide) ultrasonically and then degases via an associated de-aeration unit.

    BioGen will provide a fully validated decontamination achieving a 6-log sporicidal reduction, making it ideal for use in operating theatres, hospital bedrooms and isolation units.

    Developed by Public Health England, Enzyme Indicators (EI) are an industry-changing advance in measuring decontamination performance offering a fast, cost-effective, accurate and risk-free alternative to traditional methods.

    Benefits of Attending
    Learn more about reducing HAI’s utilising next generation decontamination technology and how to obtain
    rapid validation, enabling clinical environments to be brought back into use quickly and safely.

    Brief Summary of Content
    – Next generation VHP-U technology
    – Ultrasonic delivery for efficient dispersal of the sterilant
    – Full validation achieving a 6-log sporicidal reduction
    – Validation technique developed by Public Health England

    Presented By
    Andrew Burns, Business Development Manager, Howorth Air Technology Ltd.

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