Dr. Nicolas Durand

    Nicolas Durand is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Abionic SA, a Swiss company and spin-off from European leading technology school EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland). Abionic has developed world’s fastest diagnostic platform, the abioSCOPE, a CE-marked versatile in-vitro solution that provides hospitals and health practitioners with instant quantitative diagnosis for various types of applications such as sepsis, allergy and iron deficiency.

    Nicolas is a member of the Board of Directors of the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI), and is an Intelligence Officer at the Swiss Army, working directly with three-stars General Daniel Baumgartner for promoting military management skills in the industry.

    Nicolas holds a Master of Science in micro-engineering from EPFL with a specialization in production techniques. He was involved in the development of resonating biosensors at Carnegie Mellon University (USA), and is the winner of the 2006 Omega Award (Best Master thesis in micro-engineering). He is the founder of EPFL aeronautics association, and was the president of EPFL robotic association between 2002 and 2005.

    Between 2006 and 2010, Nicolas’s PhD research on biomolecular diffusion in nanofluidics led to several scientific publications and patents, which is the core of Abionic’s technology.

    With Abionic, Nicolas is the recipient of more than 20 entrepreneurial awards including the Young Entrepreneur Award. Notably, Nicolas was elected Captain of the Swiss Venture Leaders in 2010 who represented Swiss innovation in the USA.

    On the private side, Nicolas is married, has 2 kids and owns a pilot license with aerobatic.


    Dr. Nicolas Durand, PhD


    Biopôle, sect. Esplanade SE-B

    Rte de la Corniche 5

    CH-1066 Epalinges, Switzerland

    Phone:         +41 21 21 353 33 80

    Email:           nicolas.durand@abionic.com

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    • Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Abionic SA