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    Workshop Title: Dealing with problematic outbreaks from challenging organisms


    This workshop will examine the challenges of emerging and pan-resistant pathogens and will focus on two organisms; Candida auris – the UK experience and control of a Colistin resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae outbreak in the KSA


    Benefits of Attending:
    To gain an understanding of the experience of organisations that have experience with dealing with outbreaks of emerging pathogens when the evidence base for effective control measures is limited.
    Attendees will be able to describe the latest epidemiology of Candida auris and the measures needed to control outbreaks of both C. auris and from a Klebsiella pneumoniae outbreak in the KSA.


    Brief Summary of Content

    • Describe the latest epidemiology of Candida auris
      • Identify problems with diagnosis and identification
      • List the issues which have been identified when outbreaks may occur
      • Detail the risk of environmental contamination and onward transmission
      • Discuss the effectiveness of environmental decontamination techniques
      • Describe the timeline of a Klebsiella pneumoniae outbreak in the KSA
      • Identify screening and control measures that facilitated implementation of effective control measures
      • Identify and discuss the merits of differing methods of control measure implementation, for example delivery of information and training to staff


    Presented By

    Martin Kiernan, Visiting Clinical Fellow, Richard Wells Research Centre, University of West London, UK and Clinical Director, GAMA Healthcare
    Grace Caponpon, Infection Control Practitioner, Al-Wajeh General Hospital, KSA


    Speaker Details
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